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We make education smile

That’s right!   We’re a group of education enthusiasts and we are so passionate about medical education that we try to inject that enthusiasm and energy in all we do.  

And we do it by providing a safe place for educators to talk and speak openly and honestly.  Every individual has the potential to make a difference, and we believe in nurturing that. 

How do we do  it?   Our main event is our yearly conference.  But we also run workshops for Deaneries and Trainers’ Groups up, down and across the UK.   We even do workshops internationally.  And then there is our website providing a rich repository of resources.   And of course, through all these things, we put people in touch with each other – to encourage a positive collaborative experience available to all.


The Things We Currently Do


Each year, our conference is held in a different part of the UK – to provide a chance for all individuals to come to one of them.  The conference is usually a 2 day affair  and jam packed with educational nuggets.  But we also balance the conference to ensure there is space to reflect, unwind, relax and have fun.  It is THE PLACE to recharge your batteries and get motivated again.  It is THE PLACE to network and connect with others.  It is THE PLACE to share and swap ideas. 


Over the years, we’ve provided a number of workshops.  Some of these have been focused, for example, workshops on resilience, communication skills, work-life balance etc.  Others have been more diverse – Training for New Training Programme Directors.   If you would like us to develop a specific workshop for a group you belong to (like a GP Trainers’ Group) then please get in by mailing llatif2129@gmail.com


Over the years, we’ve also provided a number of international educational workshops.  

If you would like us to develop a specific workshop for a group you belong to, then please get in by emailing llatif2129@gmail.com


This website provides a number of free educational resources that we have collected over the years.  This are provided to you freely in the hope that they will help with your educational development and enjoyment.   If you have material that is copyright free which you own and would like to share, then please email rameshmehay@googlemail.com 

Aims & Objectives of our Courses


On Scaling the Heights courses we aim to:

  • enhance the motivation of the participants to want to learn and develop
  • to provide a context where participants can improve their capabilities and implement the necessary changes
  • enable participants to consider the systems that constrain or provide the opportunity to transfer learning and sustain change back in the workplace.


The courses will provide the participants the opportunity to:

  • Review their current practice with regard to an identified role.
  • Identify their own learning needs with respect to that role.
  • Construct achievable outcomes related to needs.
  • Generate a variety of strategies to achieve these outcomes.
  • Identify ways in which they can determine their success in achieving the outcomes.

These basic generic educational strategies can be implemented in a variety of contexts, intra or inter-professionally and at a regional, national or international level.

Have a suggestion? Get in touch and ask us the question...


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